Use of CROPGRO-soybean to simulate biomass and grain yield of soybean (Glycine max L.) in different planting dates

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Research Paper 01/02/2014
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Use of CROPGRO-soybean to simulate biomass and grain yield of soybean (Glycine max L.) in different planting dates

Farzad Paknejad, Mohammad Nabi Ilkaee, Ebrahim Amiri, Mohsen Zavareh, Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Ali Kashani, Seied Mehdi Mirtaheri
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 2), 9-16, February 2014.
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In order to investigation of CROPGRO-Soybean model under four sowing date management in some of growth unlimited cultivars of soybean in Karaj, this experiment carry out as a randomized complete block design in split plot arrangement with four replications in 2010. Treatments were different planting date 19 May, 29 May, 9 Jun, 19 Jun as main plot and four growth limited cultivars of soybean (Wiliams and Zan) as sub plot. Result showed that variety dimension of RMSE for biomass had 356.41-1207.33. Also variety dimension of Wilmot coefficient (d) calculated between 0.898-0.989. The Wiliams cv in planting date 19 May with RMSE= 356.41 kg/ha and d=0.989 have been highest of model coefficient efficiency. In all of treatments variety dimension of R2 curve 1:1 measured and predicted rates, equal to 0.855-0.988 and correlation coefficient at (p< 1%) was significant .The variety dimension of RMSE for grain yield all of the treatments had 151.94-880.66 kg/ha. Also variety dimension of d coefficient calculated between 0.505-880.66 kg/ha.


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