Use of Im medium to overcome recalcitrance to somatic embryogenesis of improved cocoa genotypes (Theobrama cacao L.)

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Research Paper 03/10/2023
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Use of Im medium to overcome recalcitrance to somatic embryogenesis of improved cocoa genotypes (Theobrama cacao L.)

Koné Daouda, Thiémélé Deless Edmond Fulgence, Silué Oumar, Yao Saraka Didier Martial, N’Nan Alla Oulo
Int. J. Biosci.23( 4), 38-45, October 2023.
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In vitro recalcitrance is the inability of plant cells, tissues and organs to respond to tissue culture manipulations. In cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.), recalcitrance is a limiting factor in tissue culture for the production of somatic embryos. This study aims to improve the production of somatic embryos by In Vitro culture of improved genotypes deemed recalcitrant to somatic embryogenesis. ‘’Im’’medium was used to induce the production of embryos of four enhanced and recalcitrant somatic embryogenesis genotypes encoded C8, C14, C15 and C16. The plant material consists of explants of petals and staminodes. The best results, which are characterized by levels of cal embryogenesis and the number of somatic embryos of 16% and 07, respectively, were obtained in the C14 genotype. This study showed that it is possible to produce somatic embryos in these improved varieties, thus eliminating the recalcitrance of these genotypes to somatic embryogenesis. The availability of improved material consisting of identical plants will allow the creation of more homogeneous plantations with high yields.


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