Variation in shape and size of fecal pellets as a diagnostic tool for drywood (Kalotermitidae: Blattodea) termite species identification

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Research Paper 01/08/2018
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Variation in shape and size of fecal pellets as a diagnostic tool for drywood (Kalotermitidae: Blattodea) termite species identification


A study on the variation in size and shape of dry wood termites fecal pellets were conducted to determine if it can be used as a diagnostic tool for species identification. Specimens of both fecal pellets and termites (soldier caste) were collected. Species identification were based on available keys. Fecal Pellet’s were mounted on a microscope to view and measure the variations in shape and size between species. Out of 38 specimens, 21 were identified as Cryptotermes dudleyi Banks and the remaining is C. cynocephalus Light. Termite’s difference in length was noticeable, C. cynocephalus is shorter, i.e., less than 5mm while C. dudleyi exceeds 5mm. The shape of fecal pellets were almost identical between the two species however C. dudleyi was much wider by 0.7mm and longer by 0.22mm than C. cynocephalus. Thus the difference in size can already provide hint to pest controller, students or researcher as to the identification of dry wood termites.


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