Variation of physicochemical parameters of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) haustorium during germination

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Research Paper 01/05/2017
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Variation of physicochemical parameters of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) haustorium during germination

Konan Brou Roger, Assa Rebecca Rachel, Kouassi Kouakou Nestor, Konan Konan Jean Louis, Et Amani N’guessan Georges
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.10( 5), 17-25, May 2017.
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This study is done to determine the biochemical characteristics of coconut haustorium during germination in order to propose ways of increasing their commercial value. The Malaysia Yellow Dwarf (MYD) cultivar was used for this study. The coconut were stored during one month before putting in seedbed at the nursey.At2 and 4 months of germination, biochemical analyses were made on coconut haustorium. The results showed that the oil content fluctuate from 12.90% to 37.30% when the protein content vary from 11.25% to 13.74%. The mainly soluble sugar was sucrose, fructose and glucose with the values of 45.07%, 28.37 % and 25.63% respectively at 4 month of germination. Phosphorus (14.89%) and potassium (26.01%) are the most important minerals of coconut haustorium. The high soluble sugar content of coconut haustorium gives it to be a good source of sugars including sucrose, fructose and glucose. The haustorium is also rich in phosphorus and potassium can be used as an additive in food for children suffering from mineral deficiencies.


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