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Vectorial composition and dynamics transmission of malaria in Aguégués, A Fluvial, Lagoon, Coastal and Lacustrine commune of Benin

Research Paper | March 1, 2012

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Gouissi Fadéby Modeste, Salifou Sahidou, Edorh Aléodjrodo Patrick, Djenontin Armel, Hounkpatin Armelle sabine Yélignan, Dougnon Victorien, Montcho Sabine Afiavi, Akogbeto Martin, Boko Michel

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Int. J. Biosci.2( 3), 50-57, March 2012


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Ecosystems characterized by brackish waters are favorable for the development of An. melas during dry season and of An. gambiae during the rainy season. A longitudinal entomological monitoring was conducted in Aguégués, a fluvial,lagoon, coastal and lacustrine commune of Benin from January to December 2010. It was to identify the vectors responsible for malaria and to study the vector transmission by the capture of mosquitoes on human volunteers inside and outside the rooms. 4 capture sessions were conducted each month by six internal catchers and six outside catchers, 48 men nights per month or 576 men nights during the whole study. About 10,800 mosquitoes captured, we counted 6734 An. melas and 4066 An. gambiae. The composition varies according to during flood periods or flood recession. An. melas represents 90.46% in flood recession and An. gambiae 8.54%. During flood periods, An. melas represents 7.02% and An. gambiae 92.98%. Gradually we leave the coast; the vectorial composition differs during times of flood or recession. The entomological inoculation rate is related to the flood periods or flood recession and the species of Anophele. It is 9.22 pi/h during the period from June to October for An. gambiae and 0.015 pi/h from January to May and 0.032 pi/h from November to December for An. melas. This study allowed us to know the malaria vector species and the transmission dynamics of malaria parasites in the commune in order to take the vector control measures in times of transmission.


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Vectorial composition and dynamics transmission of malaria in Aguégués, A Fluvial, Lagoon, Coastal and Lacustrine commune of Benin

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