Vertical electric drilling for evaluating aquifer levels in Ukwani and ensuring quality drinking water

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Research Paper 13/07/2023
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Vertical electric drilling for evaluating aquifer levels in Ukwani and ensuring quality drinking water

OC. Molua, AO. Ukpene, DA. Ogwu, K. Eseka, M. Edobor, JO. Vwavware, K. Imoni-Ogbe, JO. Ataman
J. Bio. Env. Sci.23( 1), 87-93, July 2023.
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This study aims to investigate the aquifer levels in the localized area of Ukwani, with a specific focus on the water depths of Obeti, Oliogo, and Ebedei communities. The research utilizes drilling data to determine the water depths and availability of water bodies in these areas. The results revealed that the water depth of Obeti ranges from 6m to 34m, indicating a significant variation in the aquifer level. Similarly, the water depth of Oliogo varies between 10m and 80m, reflecting substantial differences in groundwater availability. Ebedei exhibits a broader range, with water levels varying from 4m to 100 m. The drilling data confirms the presence of water bodies at depths of 25m and 30m in these areas, highlighting potential reservoirs for groundwater extraction and utilization. This study provides valuable insights into the aquifer levels in Ukwuani, shedding light on the variations in water depths and identifying areas with potential water resources. These findings contribute to informed decision-making for water management and resource planning in the region.


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