Viability and vigor of cocoa seed (Theobroma cacao L.) to some levels of water content and old period of save

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Research Paper 01/08/2018
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Viability and vigor of cocoa seed (Theobroma cacao L.) to some levels of water content and old period of save

Saiful Bahri, Syamsuddin, Syafruddin
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.13( 2), 144-154, August 2018.
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Propagation of cocoa plants is generally still done generatively, so the handling to produce good quality seed is very important to note. Problems constraining cocoa seed procurement include: The distance between the seed source and the development area is far enough, the delivery facilities are inadequate, when the seeds are available not in accordance with the time of demand by the user, and the viability of cocoa seeds are rapidly declining. This study aims to determine the optimal cocoa water content for storage, to know the optimal storage of cocoa seeds and to know the effect of interaction between water content treatment and storage duration on cocoa seed viability and vigor. The design used in this research is Completely Randomized Design (RAL) factorial pattern with 3 replications. The results showed that the level of water content influenced the viability and vigor of cocoa seeds. The decrease in viability and vigor of the seeds is closely related to the moisture content of the seed. Storage of cocoa seeds at moisture content of 35-38% can suppress the rate of decline of seed. The length of the shelf period affects the viability and vigor of cocoa seeds. The longer the seed is stored, the lower the viability and the vigor. Viability and vigor of seeds even in the 6 week saving period have already shown seed death. There is an interaction between the moisture level and the length of the shelf period on the viability and vigor of cocoa seed. The rate of decline of cocoa seeds in each saving period depends on the degree of moisture content of the seed. Up to the 6-week saving period, viability and vigor of cocoa seeds can be maintained at a 25-28% moisture level.


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