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Water quality standards and plankton species composition in selected river system in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Research Paper | November 1, 2016

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Oliva P. Canencia, Alven L. Gomez

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.9( 5), 110-116, November 2016


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This study describes the water quality standards in terms of physico-chemical characteristics of river system in Cugman and Bigaan Rivers and the composition of plankton species (Phytoplankton and Zooplankton). Specifically, this study determined if there are differences in physico-chemical properties and plankton composition in upstream, midstream and downstream water samples (Class B Classification) and compared these values to the DENR standards. Standard methods were employed for the physico-chemical characteristics of the river water. General findings on three sampling periods for Cugman river for physico-chemical parameters conformed to the standard set by the DENR for Class B water except that the TSS value and lead concentrations in water were higher while Bigaan river adhered with the standard except for the high values of lead concentration which may affect the quality of water and the life of aquatic organisms. For water quality analysis, it is concluded that the water quality of Bigaan river is by far of good condition which may allow planktons and other aquatic organisms to exist while Cugman river might have a less diverse plankton composition because of the high value of TSS which may affect photosynthetic activity of the planktons. The dominant phytoplankton in Cugman river is Chaetoceros decipiens while Thalassionema nitzchiodes and Dissodinium pseudolunula in Bigaan river. Zooplanktons species in Cugman river and Bigaan river are mayfly (Ephemeroptera), midge larvae (Chironomidae) and stonefly (Plecoptera). The planktons collected and identified are indicators of good water quality and within the standards set by the DENR, Philippines.


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Water quality standards and plankton species composition in selected river system in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

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