Wheat yield as affected by sources of sulfur and its time of application

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Research Paper 01/12/2019
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Wheat yield as affected by sources of sulfur and its time of application

Muhammad Owais Khan, Muhammad Jamal Khan, Mohammad Aman Khan, Mohammad Shafi, Shazma Anwar, Asad Ali Khan, Shaheen Shah
Int. J. Biosci.15( 5), 37-50, December 2019.
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Sulfur is one of the essential secondary macronutrients which play an important role in the growth and production of wheat. The research was conducted to assess the influence of sulfur sources on wheat which applied at different times. The experiment was designed in RCBD replicated thrice.  Main plot factor consists of different times of sulfur application (26th Oct, 10th Nov and 25th Nov 2017) and sulfur sources served as sub plot factor (i.e. Control, Ammonium sulfate, Elemental sulfur, Sulfate of potash and Gypsum @ 60 kg ha-1). The experimental results shows that influence of various application times of sulfur was significant (p≤0.05) on seed yield (kg ha-1), seed spike-1, and 1000 grain mass (g). Maximum height of plant (82.9cm), tillers per m2 (357.2), thousand seed mass (42.2 g), biomass yield (10767 kg/ha), seed yield (4427 kg/ha), grains spike-1(57), SO4-S content (96.95 mg kg-1) at heading stage and SO4-S concentration (0.47%) in leaves was recorded from treatment of Sulfate of potash. Maximum biomass yield (9368 kg ha-1), 1000-seed mass (41.7 g), seed yield (3891 kg ha-1), seeds spike-1 (54.6), and concentration of SO4-S (79.29 mg kg-1) in soil at flowering time from sulfur application at sowing time. Sulfate of potash (SOP) showed maximum response in term of grain yield compared with other sources of sulfur. Application time of sulfur at sowing time performed better in term of yield in contrast to other dates of sulfur application. It is concluded that source of sulfur as sulfate of potash when applied at sowing time has produced maximum yield of wheat crop.


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