Yield potential study of meristem derived plantlets of ten potato varieties (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Research Paper 01/04/2011
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Yield potential study of meristem derived plantlets of ten potato varieties (Solanum tuberosum L.)

M Rezaul Karim, Hafizur Rahman, Tanziman Ara, MST Rehena Khatun, M Monzur Hossain, AKM Rafiul Islam
Int. J. Biosci.1( 2), 48-53, April 2011.
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Ten exotic potato varieties (var. All Blue, All Red, Cardinal, Diamant, Daisy, Granulla, Green Mountain, Japanese Red, Pontiac and Summerset) were used the present experiment during November 2010 to January 2011. In vitro grown plantlets were spend 21 days old and achieve 4-5 cm long with good root system, were transferred and established in the trial field for showing yield performance of tuber number per plant and tuber weight per plant from 10 randomly selected potato plants of each variety. The highest tuber number (57.52) per plant was recorded in var. Daisy and the lowest tuber number (8.82) per plant was recorded in red varieties. On the other hand total tuber weight per plant was the highest (344.60g) recorded in var. Diamant and total tuber weight per plant was the lowest (65.05 g) recorded in var. All blue varieties showed the most potential yield in this experiment.


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