Zonation and modeling of irrigation water quality changes in Kohpayeh plain of Segzi, Iran

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Research Paper 01/05/2015
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Zonation and modeling of irrigation water quality changes in Kohpayeh plain of Segzi, Iran

Mojtaba Jannat Rostami, Khadijeh Ebrahimi, Hadi Mohammadzadeh Khani, Hasan Khosravi, Sadat Feyznia
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 5), 241-249, May 2015.
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In this research, quality data of underground water in fifty wells in Kohpayeh plain – Segzi during statistical period of eleven years (from 1997 to 2007) was studied. For investigating the changes of electrical conductivity (EC) and Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR), first, half change was calculated in GS+ environment and then by considering the best empirical fitting model, zonation of these parameters was performed using Wilcox classification and Kriging method in GIS environment. The results have shown that EC and SAR data have the best fit with Guassian and exponential model; respectively they have had ascending trend. The areas Percent are out of Wilcox classification, reached of 54.33% to 67.16%. Overall, results showed that, by using the obtained maps in GIS environment, the quality of underground water for agriculture could be easily investigated, by updating the data, better water management of the area could be performed and qualitative status of underground water of the plain could be determined at any time.


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