Assessment of soil water erosion using RUSLE and GIS techniques: a case study of Oued El-Abtal watershed, Algeria

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Research Paper 01/11/2018
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Assessment of soil water erosion using RUSLE and GIS techniques: a case study of Oued El-Abtal watershed, Algeria

Neggaz Fatima Zohra, Kouri Lakhdar
J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 5), 165-178, November 2018.
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Water erosion is considered as the principal cause of agricultural land exhaustion and landscape remodeling, it is also a cause of siltation of hydraulic structures and loss of their capacity. The Oued El-Abtal watershed in Algeria is highly exposed to this phenomenon due to several factors such as the degradation of vegetation cover, irregular stormy rains, and inappropriate land use. To quantify the current water erosion rate in this area, we used the application of the revised RUSLE universal soil loss equation in an interactive manner with the SIG. The approach adopted consists to calculate and spatialize the main factors involved in water erosion constituting the RUSLE model, rainfall erosion (R), soil erodibility (K), topographic factor (LS), vegetation cover (C) and anti-erosion practices (P), the thematic maps obtained were crossed using the Spatial Analyst module of the ARCGIS SIG to produce the global map of the erosion potential. The average erosion rate in the study area is 11 T/Ha/year. The results obtained show that erosion intensity and sediment production quantities vary mainly depending on current land use, nature of land and its slope.


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