Assessment of various levels of potassium citrate and sucrose along with boric acid on quality and yield of Sufaid Chaunsa

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Research Paper 01/07/2018
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Assessment of various levels of potassium citrate and sucrose along with boric acid on quality and yield of Sufaid Chaunsa

Iftikhar Ahmad, Fatma Bibi, Allah Bakhsh, Hameed Ullah, Subhan Danish, Asif-ur-Rehman
Int. J. Biosci.13( 1), 187-194, July 2018.
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Deficiency of nutrients resulted in low quality and yield of fruits. It is an established fact that foliar application of nutrients can mitigate nutritional stress to some extent. Keeping in mind the economic value of Sufaid Chaunsa, a field study was conducted, to find the effect of co-application of sucrose or potassium citrate with boric acid on yield and quality of Sufaid Chaunsa. The study was designed with hypothesis that co-application of boric acid (BA) with potassium citrate (PC) or sucrose (S) would have potential to improve quality and yield of Sufaid Chaunsa. It was observed that BA (0.2%) + S1 (10%) remained significantly best for improvement (13%) in fresh fruit weight as compared to control. In connection with results, maximum increase in plant yield (19%), total soluble solids (29%) and reduction in fruit acidity (37%), it is clear that BA (0.2%) + S1 (10%) is a better approach. However, a significant increase (69%) in shelf life of Chunsa as compared to control also validated the efficacious functioning of BA (0.2%) + PC2 (0.4%). It is concluded that application of BA (0.2%) + S1 (10%) is a better approach for improvement in the quality of Sufaid Chaunsa. Comparative for yield, both BA (0.2%) + S1 (10%) and BA (0.2%) + PC2 (0.4%) are equally effective. However, for shelf life, application of BA (0.2%) + PC2 (0.4%) is more efficacious.


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