Biochemical constituents of the developing grains of wheat cultivars

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Short Communications 01/02/2012
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Biochemical constituents of the developing grains of wheat cultivars

Irshad Ahmad, Abrar Yaseen, Mohammad Maqbool Mir
Int. J. Biosci.2( 2), 53-55, February 2012.
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Present study on three wheat cultivars viz., “C-306”, “IWP-72” and “Pratap” revealed a progressive decrease of Total Soluble Solids .In “IWP-72” variety, the T.S.S declined from 4.95 per cent at 15 days to 2.90 per cent at maturity. Similarly, in “C-306” the T.S.S content decreased from 5.12 to 2.80 percent. In “Pratap” T.S.S decreased from 6.45 to 1.90 percent. Reducing sugar content in test varieties declined at 45 days, to 0.68, 0.70 and 0.60 per cent respectively. Non-reducing sugars also follow the same pattern. At mature stage, starch content goes up to 75.50 per cent of dry weight of wheat grains in the “Pratap”, 72.50 per cent in “IWP-72” and 70 per cent in “C-306” variety. In varieties “C-306 and “IWP-72” the greatest increment in the protein content of about 4.09 and 3.90 per cent respectively was noted between 15 and 45 days. While in “Pratap” increase in protein content was 3.0 per cent.


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