Breeding practices of chicken and duck at the Villages in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh

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Research Paper 01/10/2018
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Breeding practices of chicken and duck at the Villages in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh

Maksuda Begum, Farukul Islam, Md Azizul Haque, Ashika Akbar Trisha, Md. Shamsul Hossain
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.13( 4), 80-87, October 2018.
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Chicken and ducks are two most important income generating tools for village women and poor peoples in Bangladesh and around the globe. These two species of livestock are supplying complete protein and contributing in nutrition security for human being in the world. To add new knowledge to increase production of these two species will help lot more in the rural economy. So, to explore information about chicken and duck breeding practices, data like rearing system, mating system, breeding male bird keeping practices and best performing birds’ selection for future stock formation etc. were collected,   through door to door visit using a pre-structured questionnaire, during June to July 2016. Collected data were analyzed using SPSS software. Most of the farmers were class eight to SSC pass (52.80%). Average numbers of male and female chicken were 6.55±0.34 and 18.26±0.81 per household, respectively. While, mean numbers of male and female duck were 4.69±0.32 and 14.23±1.00, per household respectively. Yearly egg production of indigenous chicken, crossbred duck and Khaki Campbell ducks were 54.78 ± 0.58, 136.60±2.12 and 232.64±3.84 per head, respectively. All enumerated farmers used free range rearing system for chicken and duck production. Most of the chicken and duck travelled about 60.96 meters distance from their home yard. Uncontrolled natural mating systems were practiced for both chicken and duck. Most of the farmers kept same cock and drake in the flock years after years.


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