Effect of dietary supplemented semi-refined sunflower oil with vitamin E on egg quality of laying hens

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Research Paper 01/08/2012
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Effect of dietary supplemented semi-refined sunflower oil with vitamin E on egg quality of laying hens

Mohammad Narimani-Rad, Habib Aghdam Shahryar, Alireza Lotfi
Int. J. Biosci.2( 8), 8-13, August 2012.
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The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of supplemented semi-refined vegetable oil (with or without vitamin E supplement) on egg characterizes. A factorial experiment (3×2) including 3 levels of semi-refined oil (2, 4 or 6%) and 2 levels of vitamin E (150 or 750 mg/kg diet) based on completely randomized design was performed with 212 laying hens (Hy-line W36) from 62w to 74w of age. Egg physical traits were estimated for eggs produced by layng hens fed experimental diets. Evaluated data during experimental period showed that utilization of semi-refined oil with vitamin E didn’t have considerable effect on egg characterizes (egg shell weight, shell thickness and specific weight), with exception of haugh unit (p<0.05). Supplementation of 4 or 6% semi-refined oil caused highest haugh unit in produced eggs. Results obtained by supplemented 4% were more significant (haugh unit: 90.85). Supplementation of Vitamin E didn’t has any considerable effect on egg characterizes; egg shell weight, shell thickness, specific weight, haugh unit. In overall, supplementation of semi-refined vegetable oil (with or without vitamin E supplement) didn’t have any considerable effect on egg physical traits.


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