Effect of shade intensities and chilling duration on quality fruit and runner production of strawberry

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Research Paper 01/08/2020
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Effect of shade intensities and chilling duration on quality fruit and runner production of strawberry

Nadia Bostan, Muhammad Sajid
J. Bio. Env. Sci.17( 2), 68-79, August 2020.
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Strawberry cv. Chandler is the only commercial cultivar in Pakistan which is majorly propagated through crowns. Its production is highly effected by temperature that is why a field experiment entitled “effect of shade intensities and chilling duration on quality fruit and runner production of strawberry” was undertaken at Agriculture Research Institute Swat during 2017-2018. The experiment was triplicated using randomized complete block design with split plot arrangement. Shade intensities (0, 30%, 50%, 70%) were kept in main plot while pre transplant chilling duration (0, 3, 6 and 9 days) at 4+1ºC were subjected to subplots. The results showed maximum value for number of crowns plant-1 (32.6) and crown diameter (9.6mm) under 30% shade level while maximum plant height (31.1cm) was observed under 70-75% shade intensity. Yield and qualitative attributes like single fruit weight (12.6g), total yield (196.7g m-2), ascorbic acid (56.3mg 100g-1), total soluble content (10.3 ºbrix), titratable acidity (1.0%), reducing sugar (5.0%) and non-reducing sugar (1.7%) were maximum under open field condition. Regarding chilling duration, higher values for plant height (28.7cm), single fruit weight (12.5g) and total yield (186.9g m-2) were observed in plants who received 6 days pre-transplant chilling duration while number of crowns plant-1 (27.3) and crown diameter (9.8mm) was recorded in plants subjected to 9 days pre-transplant chilling duration. It is concluded that for increase in crowns (daughter plants) production, strawberry cultivation should be done under 30% shade intensity with strawberry plants subjected to 6-9 days pre transplant chilling, while for qualitative as well as quantitative increase in fruit yield, open field along with 6 days pre-transplant chilling duration is recommended.


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