Effect of sowing time on quality attributes of wheat grain

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Research Paper 15/06/2015
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Effect of sowing time on quality attributes of wheat grain

Iqbal Hussain, Hafiz Bashir Ahmad, Salsabeel Rauf, Muhammad Aslam, Azhar Mehmood Aulakh
Int. J. Biosci.6( 12), 1-8, June 2015.
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Optimum sowing time ensures adequate yield and produces grains of good quality. Under changing climate, late sown wheat faces terminal heat stress, which not only reduces grain yield but also affects the grain development process and the harvested grains are of poor quality if used as seed for next crop, do not perform well. In this, influence of sowing time on the nutritional attributes of wheat grain was investigated at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad during 2010-11 and 2011-12. Seed was obtained from the wheat crop previously sown on November 10, 25 and December 10 and 25. Sowing dates severely influenced protein and carbohydrate contents in subsequent grains of wheat crop. Wheat crop sown from the seeds obtained from the crop previously sown at November 10 and 25 showed better grain protein and carbohydrate content as compared to December 10 and 25.


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