Effects of using different herbs mixture on fat percentage and other carcass traits of broilers of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari province

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Research Paper 01/03/2014
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Effects of using different herbs mixture on fat percentage and other carcass traits of broilers of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari province

Amir Shafiei, Forutan Salehinezhad, Khadijeh Gholizadeh, Nastaran Abdi Dezfuli, Fatemeh Halalipour
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 3), 84-91, March 2014.
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A four-stage test was conducted to evaluate effects of using different several herbs on carcass traits of in chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari province. In each test 240 broiler chicks strain (head – 308) in a randomly design were based on NRC (1994) tested with 4 treatment and 3 replication (with 20 broiler chicks in each replication) from 1 to 42 days old in two first breeding period (1- 21 days) and growth (22-42 days). Used rations in test groups in the first group include: -1 marker (without using herbs). -2 containing 1 percent K.Kuti +0.5% penny royal +0.5% smmer savory and -4 containing 0.5% K.kuti +0.5% nettle +1% summer savory. The medicinal plants used in second test are nettle, penny royal and K.Kuti, in the third test such plants used as mallow, camel thorn and mint and in the fourth test thyme, nettle and alfalfa which were respectively used as in the first test. The results showed that using a mixture of herbs has significant effects on carcass compound of broilers. In the first experiment the highest percentage of carcasses (70.76) and (6.34) the lowest percentages of abdominal fat and GI (2.34) and (3.34) in the third experimental group, in the second experiment the highest percentage of carcass, chest and the lowest abdominal fat (72.72), (33.67) and (3.4) in the third experimental group by using 0.5% nettle +1% penny royal +0.5 K.Kuti and in the third experiment the highest carcass percentage (70.19)in the third experiment group containing 0.5% .+1% camel thorn +0.5% mint were gotten. It is concluded that using several herb mixture has positive effects on carcass traits of broilers.


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