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Research Paper | July 1, 2014

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Highlighting of the Algerian experience in the integrated management of water resources

Omar Rouane-Hacene, Benkhedda Belhaouari, Adel Djeribiai, Zitouni Boutiba

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.5(1), 555-561, July 2014


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Water in Algeria is an element of survival. It strongly influences the social and economic development. It is reported that Algeria has become aware of the need and urgency to change its water policy. Like many countries, the new policy focuses on integrated management of water resources. Thus, the strategic nature of the water sector in Algeria, constantly reminded by the acuity, should justify the maintenance of a high level of investment by the Algerian state. The availability of multilateral financing offers additional flexibility to the Algerian authorities to carry out their policy. Through this work we attempted to describe and analyze the experience of Algeria in the management of water and confirm that integrated water management requires a proper coordination with the planning policy. For this, scientific and financial resources are essential.


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Highlighting of the Algerian experience in the integrated management of water resources

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