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Hospital wastes management at different Government and Private hospitals of Quetta city in Balochistan, Pakistan

Research Paper | January 1, 2017

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Ruqqia Alam, Asim Iqbal, Kasif Kamran, Saima Iram, Saeed Ahmed Essote, Sana Arif, Nosheen Rafiq, Hamidullah

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.10( 1), 20-25, January 2017


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Hospital waste is hazardous, infectious for human and the environment. So hospitals properly manage and dispose of their waste. This aim of this current study was to the disposals, collections and proper management of hospital wastes in Quetta, city Pakistan. Cross sectional and descriptive survey on four different government and private hospitals of Quetta were conducted for waste management practices. Questionnaire was used for the general information of the hospital staff, nurses, medical students and sanitary workers. Results show that hospital waste management segregation process was same in all government and private hospitals. Children Hospital Quetta adopted better methods of waste management like waste collection, handling dangerous waste, transportation. Private hospitals used better waste management techniques then as compare to government hospitals. However an estimated daily 2-3 tone waste was generated as clinical waste and dumped in incinerator installed at Bolan Medical College.


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Hospital wastes management at different Government and Private hospitals of Quetta city in Balochistan, Pakistan

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