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Effect of various concentrations of indole butyric acid and plantation techniques on rooting performance of grapes germplasm

By: Furqan Ahmed Khan, Nisar Ahmed, Abdul Mateen, Rashid Abdullah, Shahjahan Shabbir Ahmed, Muhammad Saeed, Nazeer Ahmed, Muhammad Naeem Shahwani

Key Words: Drought, Low delta crops, Grapes, Hydroponics system and Growth hormone (IBA)

Int. J. Biosci. 9(6), 393-403, December 2016.


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Climate is changing universally, however it is severely affecting the arid areas of the World in particular. Highlands of Balochistan, Pakistan are also under this threat where underground water has gone down to a drastic level due low rain falls and water mining. To overcome these issues there is a need of alternative approach i.e. Cultivation of high value low delta crops like grapes, olives, pistachio and pomegranate instead of low value high delta crops apple, apricot, cherries and peaches etc. For speeding-up the cultivation of high value low delta crops access to their true to type, disease free nursey plants are very important, which have been addressed in this experiment by developing nursery plants of grapes germplasm, under hydroponics system with semi controlled conditions and supplementation of IBA in the media. The aim of this research was to standardize the protocol for rooting of grapes in hydroponics and to find the optimized concentration of IBA for rooting of grape. Two local germplasm i.e. Haita and Sahibi and two exotic genotypes i.e. Autumn Royal and Red globe of grapes were planted in soil, static hydroponics and continuous hydroponics systems. Shoot cuttings were treated with different concentrations of Indole Butyric Acid (IBA). The grapes genotypes treated with 4000 mg.l-1of IBA had more number of roots and greater root length in both static and continuous hydroponics after one month compared with those which were treated with low concentrations of IBA. Furthermore, cuttings produced their roots in short span of time i.e. one month in hydroponics system compared with those kept in soil.

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