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The International Network for Natural Sciences is a high-quality open-access publisher of peer-reviewed scholarly online research papers, which are open access to read and allows readers to share and distribute their knowledge in science and provides new discussion concepts amongst the scientific community. These journals are indexed with an important bibliographic database in Globe.

To publish, in open access journals authors are asked to pay an article-processing charge (APC) per accepted paper. To remove this hassle from the individuals INNSpub has introduced two different types of membership plans with minimal processing charges to support open access scholarly publishing. View the Membership options below to learn more.

As with many other science journals, a subscription is required to view the most effective articles and unlimited downloads of bundle issues and volume copies. If you find an effective article to use for your studies or research, please make a recommendation to librarians at your institution and individuals so they can purchase a subscription.

Membership types
Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis (January to December) each year
Individual membership
Scientists, researchers, educators & industry professionals can avail of this membership. With this membership, authors are entitled to publish twelve (12) research articles annually.

Institutional membership
Academic institutions, government bodies, research institutes, hospitals, corporations, and librarians across the world can avail this membership, with this membership authors are entitled to publish thirty-six (36) research articles annually.

Membership for Bangladeshi author/researcher
Bangladeshi people are legible for this option only. With this membership, authors are entitled to publish twelve (12) research articles annually.

Membership benefits
Subscription for access to a download of Volume and issues of INNSpub library and more paper publications free of cost under INNSpub affiliated journals. As part of this commitment, we provide our members with many exclusive benefits via the INNSpub virtual library.

These includes

  • Free access to hugging download and share for one year of issue and volume files for all subscribed journals.
  • Authors can publish more articles in any of our journals within a specified period with a complete waiver.
  • Research organizations, universities, or Institutions are also granted membership so that they can take advantage of publishing articles in the bulk of their university staff and students. Besides the registered companies can submit unlimited articles to any of our journals the name & logo of the society will be mentioned on the website of INNSpub during the membership period.
  • Special waivers are provided for the members of the institution/university and individuals also.
  • INNSpub will provide a prestigious certificate of annual membership and the registered company will receive an esteemed certificate of membership from INNSpub.
  • These members will receive exclusive updates, news, and information regularly through email.

Membership fees
The journals are follows open access policy for this there are no subscription fees for online access to the journal.  It usually needs unlimited publication and unlimited access to a download of all published volumes and issues with the Subscription Charges.

Without annual membership, authors can publish their research work with a regular publication charge. Please visit the publication charge.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers do not pay twice for access to open-access content via article processing charges (APCs) and subscription fees.

Access to publish
INNSpub encourages submitting valid articles for publication. After gating the subscription, the author should acknowledge the publication under the subscription with mentioned username and paper title via subscription contact mail for each and every paper publication.

Online access
INNSpub offers full access to the contents published as volumes and issues in all INNSpub journals.

Change of address
The author can change their details by their account except for their mail address.

Cancellation policy
Subscription payments are not refundable it allows you to exchange with others.

Contact for subscriptions
Surya Sultana Umma Salma
Subscription Manager
International Network for Natural Sciences

Any kind queries regarding the membership program, please contact us at

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