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Research Paper | February 1, 2015

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Investigation on the effect of nano zeolite and potassium permanganate on the shelf life extending and quality of red delicious apple

Fereshteh Khosravi, Mahdyeh Khosravi, Elnaz Pourseyedi

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.6(2), 350-356, February 2015


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In the present study the extended storage life of apples (Red Delicious) examined using nano zeolite particles and potassium permanganate. Titratable acidity, total soluble solids, pH and weight loss was measured .Visual observations of fruits during storage were investigated. The results showed that pH, soluble solids and fruit weight loss has increased during storage. The acidity of fruits stored with nano zeolite was less decreased as compared with potassium permanganate. The growth of moulds on preserved fruit with nano zeolite was much less after 45 days of storage as compared with potassium permagenate.


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Investigation on the effect of nano zeolite and potassium permanganate on the shelf life extending and quality of red delicious apple

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