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A description of Blatticola ancoracauda (Nematoda, Thelastomatidae) a parasite of cricket (Orthoptera, Gryllidae) with notes of cytogentics from Argentina

By: Sergio Rodríguez Gil, Nora Camino, Sandra González

Key Words: Nematode, Thelastomatidae, Chromosome, Meiosis, Mitosis.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 11(5), 343-350, November 2017.

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Blatticola ancoracauda n. sp. (Oxyurida, Thelastomatidae) a parasite of the cricket Anurogryllus muticus (De Geer) (Orthoptera, Gryllidae) from Argentina, is described and illustrated. This is the second species of the genus Blatticola found parasitizing crickets. Females of this new species are characterized by the cuticle that is annulated from the anterior end up to the middle of the body, the mouth opening being subtriangular in shape surrounded by 8 cephalic papillae, the short stoma and the telostoma with two movable teeth, small pore shaped amphids, an oesophagus divided into three parts, anterior cylindrical corpus, isthmus distinct, and basal bulb valvated, the nerve ring situated a rounded the isthmus, the intestine broadest anteriorly, eggs oval, smooth shell, in apical view show a triangular section, males with one pair of preanal and two pairs of postanal papillae, and the tail appendage short, conical and pointed, females have a structure of anchorage on the top, like structure of grasp. Cytogenetically presents 2n with 8 chromosomes in female and 4 chromosomes in male.

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A description of Blatticola ancoracauda (Nematoda, Thelastomatidae) a parasite of cricket (Orthoptera, Gryllidae) with notes of cytogentics from Argentina

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Sergio Rodríguez Gil, Nora Camino, Sandra González.
A description of Blatticola ancoracauda (Nematoda, Thelastomatidae) a parasite of cricket (Orthoptera, Gryllidae) with notes of cytogentics from Argentina.
J. Bio. Env. Sci. 11(5), 343-350, November 2017.
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