Kinetics and Mechanism of the Adsorption of water-soluble anticancer drug on iron oxide nanoparticles doped with ferromagnetic materials

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Research Paper 01/10/2018
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Kinetics and Mechanism of the Adsorption of water-soluble anticancer drug on iron oxide nanoparticles doped with ferromagnetic materials

Khalid Rashid, Alvina Rafiq Butt, MunirAhmad, Muhammad Nafees, Salamat Ali, Muhammad Ikram, Uzma Sattar
Int. J. Biosci.13( 4), 322-332, October 2018.
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Pure and doped iron oxide as spherical nanocarriers for the anticancer drug was synthesized using simple and cost-effective co-precipitation technique. A variety of techniques as XRD- x-ray diffraction, EDX-energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, UV-Vis-ultraviolet visible spectroscopy, SEM- scanning electron microscope and TEM- transmission electron microscope were employed to the prepared ferromagnetic metal oxide- (Fe3O4) and Co and Ni doped ferromagnetic materials to check their structural, compositional and morphological properties. These metaloxides nanocarriers were incorporated with ananti-cancer marker (doxorubicin) and loading capabilities were observed. The observed data was analyzed on different kinetics models. It was found that the drug loading capability of Cobalt doped Fe3O4 nanocarriers is higher relative to other carriers observed data was matched exactly with Lagergren Pseudo-first-order, Pseudo-second-order, Elovich equation and Intra-particle diffusion models.


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