Microbial, nutritional and sensory analysis of choco-milk and choco-tableya

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Research Paper 12/05/2023
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Microbial, nutritional and sensory analysis of choco-milk and choco-tableya

B. Madarang, M. Pascua, A. Tapia
J. Bio. Env. Sci.22( 5), 46-51, May 2023.
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Cacao products are becoming more popular not only in the Philippines but all throughout the world. Cacao beans are processed to produce chocolate products. In this study, the researchers produced two chocolate products namely, choco-milk and choco-tableya. This study aims to give details to these products in terms of its nutrient value and microbial analysis. Aflatoxin test was also conducted in order to determine the harmful or poisonous substances from the products. Furthermore, a sensory analysis was also conducted in order to determine its acceptability in terms of appearance, texture, aroma, taste and overall acceptability. To represent different age brackets, teachers and students were used as respondents. Findings of the laboratory test result that the chocolate products are safe to consume since the aflatoxin component of cacao choco milk is below the maximum regulated limit. Proximate Analysis result showed that both chocolate products contain nutrients that are helpful to our body. For the sensory evaluation, the data showed that the products are acceptable in all the given attributes. With the given results, choco-milk and choco-tableya are safe to consume and is beneficial to our health.


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