Mineral status of Ouled Djellal breeding sheep according to food ration

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Research Paper 01/07/2016
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Mineral status of Ouled Djellal breeding sheep according to food ration

I. Djaalab, Z. Djerrou, O. Bouaziz, A. Allaoui, S. Haffaf, H. Djaalab, S. Mehennaoui
Int. J. Biosci.9( 1), 117-123, July 2016.
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The study aimed to estimate the mineral status of the sheep breed Ouled Djellal depending on the physiological and nutritional state. The plasma level of some minerals was established to determine the effectiveness of digestion and assimilation of nutrients ewe during peripartum. The assessment of nutritional or metabolic state was highlighted by the physico-chemical analysis of the ration. Green fodder is richer in crude protein and ash mainly Mg, Na, K, Cu and Zn. The concentrate is the most energy food and that by its high content of organic matter and dietary fiber. By cons, hay despite its woody character, contains the highest levels of Ca and P. In sheep, a significant decrease (P <0.01) in serum calcium and magnesium is observed in late pregnancy. However, plasmatic phosphate increased significantly (P <0.01) in lactation phase. It should be noted that the plasma levels of sodium, potassium and chlorine does not show significant differences (P> 0.05) depending on the physiological stage.


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