Model farm service centers’ contribution in enhancing peach production: evidence from remote areas of Northern Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/07/2019
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Model farm service centers’ contribution in enhancing peach production: evidence from remote areas of Northern Pakistan

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, Abdul Khaliq, Rahmatullah, Mehmmod Iqbal, Urooba Pervaiz, Ayesha Khan
Int. J. Biosci.15( 1), 303-310, July 2019.
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To improve the overall agricultural production, it is dire need to improve the farming practices as well as the transfer of modern technologies to the farming community at their doorstep. The intended research study was conducted to know about the contribution of Model Farm Services Centers (MFSCs) in promoting peach production in District Swat where three villages i.e. Deed Panari, Baidara and Sher Palam of tehsil Matta was purposively selected for the study area as famous for maximum production of peach. A well interview schedule was prepared to collect primary data from 80 sampled respondents of the selected three villages. Results showed that majority 52.5% respondents belonged to age group of 50 years, 67.5% were illiterate, 70.0% were living in joint family system, and most of the registered farmers with MFSCs were owner 72.5%. A significant association was observed between farming experience and MFSCs registration with total peach production and more experienced farmers having long tenure of MFSCs registration got higher peach production and vice versa. Paired t-test results revealed that peach yield and income were increased after registration with MFSCs with a highly significant difference (p<0.01). It was highlighted that MFSCs registration improved peach production increased the farm income. Peach growers pointed out various field problems out of which costly inputs and market problems were more common. It is recommended that government should subsidize agricultural inputs along with facilitation of nearby Market to the farmers in the study area. Moreover, government should arrange frequent visit of extension agents in order to enhance peach production in the study area.


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