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Path analysis and correlation coefficient under the effect of different locations for bread wheat

Research Paper | July 1, 2018

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Riyadh Jabbar Al–Maliky

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.13( 1), 78-83, July 2018


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To estimating some genetic parameters and the direct and indirect effects of the components of the bread wheat grain. A field experiment was carried out at three different location by planting nine cultivar of bread wheat in mid-Nov. 2015. The experiment was applied according to the RCBD design with three replicates. Direct, indirect and total effects were estimated based on the path analysis of the Reciprocation-model. The environmental, genetic and morphological correlation coefficients were estimated between the pairs of studied traits. Direct effect values were higher than indirect effects for all genetic parameters. Plant height showed the highest direct effected on grain yield variation (0.733) in Kut location at Wasit governorate, while the number of tillers recorded the highest direct effect (0.736) in Diwaniyah location at Diwaniyah governorate. The highest correlation environment coefficient (0.525, 0.531, and 0.470). The highest genetic correlation were 0.918, 0.802 and 0.856. The highest phenotypic correlation were 0.889, 0.797 and 0.781 for the three location.


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Path analysis and correlation coefficient under the effect of different locations for bread wheat

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