Petrology and petrography consideration of Takestan North West tertiary volcanism (Gharebagh-Nikoieh)

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Research Paper 01/01/2015
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Petrology and petrography consideration of Takestan North West tertiary volcanism (Gharebagh-Nikoieh)

Zahra Mohtashamnejad
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 1), 682-689, January 2015.
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Present study considers a part of tertiary volcanism (middle-upper Eocene) in the west page 1:100000 of Takestan (Gharebagh to Nikoie).Regarding petrography studies, igneous rocks of this zone include acid to basic volcanic rocks such as dacite, trachydacite, trachyandesite, andesite, trachybasalt, andesite basalt, pitted andesite basalt, basaltic andesite, basalt (micro gabbro) and pyroclastic rocks include glassy iron released lapilli tuff and tuff ignimbrite.In petrology considerations of understudied zone, petrography evidences of magmatic intermixture were seen, among these evidences burned margin around biotite mineral, corrosion margin of plagioclase, oscillatory zoning of plagioclase, glomeroporphyritic texture, and sometimes presence of alkaline minerals such as pyroxene and plagioclase in acid dough can be mentioned.On the basis of geochemical graphs, Takestan volcanic alkaline rocks mostly are locatedin active continental margin and belong to orogenic zone.Dispersion of some chemical elements in Harker graphs can be attributed to some processes such as alteration or contamination and pollution of magmas that are creators of Takestan volcanic rocks with upper crust.


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