Present status of the threatened fauna of district Buner Pakistan

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Short Communications 01/12/2012
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Present status of the threatened fauna of district Buner Pakistan

Kausar Saeed, Faizul Haq, Fazal Baqi, Shahroz Khan
Int. J. Biosci.2( 12), 120-124, December 2012.
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This study was conducted to evaluate the threatened fauna in various climatic and vegetational zones of District Buner Pakistan. The aim of the study was to document the diversity of fauna and their conservation status. The specific objective was to gather information regarding the presence, population distribution, and habitat utilization of the threatened fauna of District Buner. The areas visited include Totalai Game Reserve, Kingergali Game Reserve, Malka and Mangal Thana, Nanser, Kohay, Mir Dara, Bar Kalay, Naway Kalay, Kawgah, Kadal and Sora. The study revealed that the threatened fauna of District Buner are; Black partridge, Grey partridge, Chukar, Koklass pheasant, Kalij pheasant and Grey Goral. Field observations showed that the visible threats to the flora and fauna of the area was the trend to urbanization, deforestation, over grazing, unscientific extraction of natural vegetation, introduction of exotic taxa, loss of habitat and hunting, trapping and shooting of wildlife.


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