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Research Paper | April 1, 2019

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Protein depression analysis during summer season in conventional milk

Duygu Ulaş, Ali Rıza Şahin

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.14(4), 1-4, April 2019


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Data of study was obtained from a milk company in Tekirdağ province of Turkey during June, July and August month. If the protein/fat ratio is less than 0.80 in milk, milk protein depression occurs. Protein/fat data were analyzed by one sample t test was made to compare differences (p<0.05) between means of months and reference value (0.80 = protein depression threshold) with help of the SPSS 18.0. Milk protein/fat means of June (0.89), July (0.88) and August (0.91) months were higher than reference value (0.80). According to results obtained from all months, it can be said that there were no protein depression during summer season in conventional milk. This study should be repeated for all season of year. The dairy product manufacturers must be careful about protein depression in milk obtained from different season for achieving maximum profit.


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Protein depression analysis during summer season in conventional milk

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