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Proximate composition of some commercially available fish and poultry feeds sold in the market of Bangladesh

Research Paper | April 1, 2022

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Md. Sabbir Hasan, Mahci Al Bashera, Farhana Jahan, Amin Hossain, Md. Waliullah, Md. Badrul Islam

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Int. J. Biosci.20( 4), 1-8, April 2022

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/20.4.1-8


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This study aimed at analyzing the proximate compositions (moisture, crude protein, crude lipid, ash content) and minerals (iron and phosphorous) of some commercial fish feeds (FF) and poultry feeds (PF) available in the local market of the Rajshahi City Corporation area of Bangladesh. In addition, results were compared with the company labeled nutrients values and Bangladesh guideline values. Three FF products and two PF products are collected, namely FF1, FF2, FF3 and PF1, PF2 respectively. The variation between the analyzed and the company declared values have no significant difference (p≥0.05), but the results of proximate parameters and mineral contents are significantly different at 0.05 level (p<0.05). The highest percentage of moisture (11.02±1.52) and crude protein (32.98±0.45) was found in PF-1 and FF-2, respectively, while the highest percentage of ash content (10.81±0.05) and crude lipid (12.0±0.1) was found in FF-1. Furthermore, the iron and phosphorous contents of feed samples ranged from 0.28±0.05 to 1.2±0.05 and from 1.0±0.05 to 13.63±0.02, respectively, whereas FF-1 exhibited the highest values for both parameters. We compared the results of our analyses with those of the Bangladesh Standard Guideline values of feeds for fish and poultry. It is evident that maximum feed samples analyzed contain the required nutrients in the range of the regulatory guidelines, but feed samples of different feed manufacturers have differed between laboratory test results and labeled values, especially the protein and lipid content. The paper, thus, recommends that proper monitoring is required in the Fish and P feed industries in Bangladesh.


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Proximate composition of some commercially available fish and poultry feeds sold in the market of Bangladesh

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