Purification and characterization of amyloglucosidase produced by a mutant strain of Aspergillus Niger

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Research Paper 01/11/2016
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Purification and characterization of amyloglucosidase produced by a mutant strain of Aspergillus Niger

Shazia Malik, IkramulHaq, Tehreema Iftikhar
Int. J. Biosci.9( 5), 108-115, November 2016.
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Amyloglucosidases, are the enzymes which releases glucose by hydrolyzing starch and oligosachharides as it hydrolyzes µ-1, 4 and µ-1, 6 linkages of the saccharides formed by the action of other amylases on starch and has great importance in the starch industries. The present study is concerned with the partial purification of amyloglucosidase produced by the mutant strain of Aspergillusniger using ammonium sulphate precipitation method and characterization of the enzyme. The maximum activity of amyloglucosidase was achieved after 60 min of incubation when maintained at pH 4.75 and temperature of 60oC with 5% starch concentration.


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