Relative efficacy of different organic and inorganic fertilizers on the growth and bulb yield of onion (Allium cepa)

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Research Paper 01/01/2020
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Relative efficacy of different organic and inorganic fertilizers on the growth and bulb yield of onion (Allium cepa)

Imtiaz Ahmed, Muhammad Abbass Khan, Noorullah khan, Naveed Ahmed, Fayyaz Ahmed, Sohail Aslam
J. Bio. Env. Sci.16( 1), 109-116, January 2020.
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In order to find out the impact of different fertilizers on the growth and bulb yield of Onion, an experiment was conducted at PARC-National Tea and High Value crops research Institute, Shinkiari, Mansehra, Pakistan during Rabi season 2017-18. The trial was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with split plot arrangement having three replications. It has two onion cultivars i.e Swat-1 and Sunset that was assigned to the main plot and four different type fertilizers i.e Poultry manure, Farm yard manure, DAP and NPK which were allotted to the sub-plot. The finding of the trials reveals significant variation among the studied parameter. Tallest plants (47.37cm), more number of leaves per plants (10.04), Leaves length ( 36.43cm), leaves width (7.71cm), bulb diameter (57.73mm), Bulb weight (83.04g) and bulb yield (7.46t/ha) was recorded from cultivar Swat-1 planted plots. In case of fertilizers, Maximum plant height (47.74cm), Number of leaves per plant (10.35), Leaves length (37.94cm), Leaves width (8.26cm), Bulb diameter (65.19mm), Bulb weight (103.30g) and Bulb yield (8.90t/ha) was obtained from plots which were fertilized with poultry manure. The results of the present study suggest poultry manure in combination with cultivar swat-1 should be used for better production of onion.


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