Review of the factors contributing to the sustainability of the agricultural innovation platform

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Review Paper 01/05/2018
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Review of the factors contributing to the sustainability of the agricultural innovation platform

Humphrey Putaa, Bukaza Chachage, Liliane Pasape
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.12( 5), 85-99, May 2018.
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The study reviewed factors contributing to the sustainability of the agricultural innovation platform (AIP) in Africa. The study found that the sustainability of the AIP is influenced by the numbers of factors which are; motivation, commitment and ownership, capacity building, resources mobilization and linkages. The study recommend that for sustainability of the AIPs; motivation of the stakeholders should start at the initial stage of platform formation, the interest of the stakeholders must be incorporate into platform activities in order to motivate stakeholders, business model should be developed by the platform on how financial resources should obtained and ways of sustained its sources. Moreover, membership contribution should be emphasized, because it can generate revenue and develop sense of ownership. Capacity building in term of training, fields visit, demonstrations, and workshops it develop capacity of actors to innovate so as to address their constraints in the given value chain. In addition, training facilitation techniques to the actors is important and also facilitation role should rotate among the platform actors. Horizontal linkage that connects platforms of the same level should be emphasized in order to enable stakeholders to learn how other platforms address the similar issues. Lastly, vertical linkage should be encouraged to enabling stakeholder at higher level to learn and see the real situation of the community at the local level.


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