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Stimating long-termforage production using precipitation pattern in Dehshir Rangelands, Iran

Research Paper | May 1, 2015

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Elham Fakhimi, Seyed Akbar Javadi, HosseinArzani, Mohammad Jafari

Key Words:

J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 5), 1-7, May 2015


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Knowledge on changes of the factors affecting range forage production is the main prerequisite for understanding the processes and optimal management of rangelands. In this research, the effects of precipitation variables, were studied on long-term forage production of somedominant range species, in Dehshirrangelands, Yazd province, during 9 years (2004 to 2012). Regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between annual production and different precipitation pattern. According to the results, rainfall of past year in addition to rainfall of growing season has the greatest impact on forage production in site of Dehshir. Plant with platability class (I) and platability class (III) correlated with previous rainfall, respectively (r2 = 0.9 & 0.88), andplatability class (II) with growing season rainfall (r2 = 0.7o). Long- term production is estimated at 243.15 (kg/ha).


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Stimating long-termforage production using precipitation pattern in Dehshir Rangelands, Iran

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