Survey on the traditional practices of Ilocano, Ybanag, Kalinga and Agta (IBAKA) farmers in raising native chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus L.)

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Research Paper 10/04/2024
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Survey on the traditional practices of Ilocano, Ybanag, Kalinga and Agta (IBAKA) farmers in raising native chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus L.)

Roldan D. Sawadan, Allan T. Tabuyo
J. Bio. Env. Sci.24( 4), 104-112, April 2024.
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The study aimed to explore the traditional practices employed by the Ilocano, Ybanag, Kalinga, and Agta (IBAKA) native chicken raisers. It used the descriptive-survey design to describe the 80 respondents’ profile, native chicken production, native chicken management, suggested training services, and problems encountered. Results show that there was a gender-balanced distribution of respondents in raising native chickens. The family structures of the respondents indicated a medium household size, with nuclear and extended families being prominent. The respondents were non-members of any organization. They possessed substantial land areas for crop cultivation as both their source of food and feed for native chickens. In addition to native chicken production, respondents engaged in other livestock and poultry raising activities, emphasizing the diversified nature of their agricultural practices. The native chicken raisers rear Improved Philippine Native Chickens and their production practices indicate a reliance on neighborhood sources for acquiring chickens. The respondents adopt a free-range system, allowing chickens to forage for their food, while the housing system is characterized by simple and open-air shelters. Corns and grains were the staple dietary choices, reflecting a cost-effective and locally available approach. Vaccination practices were limited, with the majority of respondents relying on traditional and indigenous disease control methods. The research findings suggest several implications, primarily centered around the integration of technology into local chicken farming practices and the need for programs aimed at skill enhancement among native chicken raisers.


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