The decrease of underground water surface, subsidence and ground drying in Minab plain: A horrible catastrophe

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Research Paper 01/06/2015
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The decrease of underground water surface, subsidence and ground drying in Minab plain: A horrible catastrophe

Hamzeh Torkamani Tombaki, Jafar Rahnamarad
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 6), 534-539, June 2015.
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Minab Plain is one of the most significant plains of Hormozgan province. The increase of population, development of agriculture and consecutive droughts have led to excessive withdrawal and pressure on the plain’s water resources as well as the fall of the level of underground waters. Due to the decrease of underground water’s level, any exploitation of this plain has been prohibited since 2007. The fall of the level of underground waters has led to subsidence of the ground and numerous fractures of the plain. The vegetation of the plan is destructing. The palm trees with an age of thirty to forty years have dried and numerous cracks on many of the surrounding buildings are evident. The channel of wells has “lengthened”, the local access roads have been destructed and power poles are falling. The subsidence of the ground in the villages of Gavmish, Chello-Gishno, Gourzang, Nasirai and Tomback is evident. The results of initial studies show that the most severe drop of the level of underground water has occurred since 2001.


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