The effect of tetrazolium and rubbing on dormancy breaking in Beans

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Research Paper 01/02/2018
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The effect of tetrazolium and rubbing on dormancy breaking in Beans

Safia Gul, Zainab Naz, Hameed Ur Rehman
Int. J. Biosci.12( 2), 274-278, February 2018.
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Seed dormancy is a resting condition of plant seeds that control germination under extreme environmental conditions. True dormancy is due to conditions in the seed that prevent germination in normally ideal conditions. Tatrazolinm is a chemical which has an effect on breaking dormancy, another way of breaking the seed dormancy is a mechanical method like rubbing the seed in laboratory trial the seed of red bean, white bean, gram seed and corn showed 50, 50% results by means of treatment of tatrazolinum and after rubbing the seeds showed 0% in (corn) and (red bean) 80% in (white bean) and 90% in (gram seed). These treatments affect the seed germination.


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