The use of nuclear technology on soybean meal and corn on blood biochemical parameters in broiler breeder

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Research Paper 01/11/2012
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The use of nuclear technology on soybean meal and corn on blood biochemical parameters in broiler breeder

Samad Zamanzad Ghavidel, Kambiz Nazer Adl, Parvin Shawrang, Yahya Ebrahim Nejhad, Abbas Majd Abadi, Naser maheriSis, Habib Aghdam Shahriyar
Int. J. Biosci.2( 11), 101-108, November 2012.
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The aim of the present study was to determine effect of Electron Beam Irradiation (EBI) on nutritional value of corn and soybean meal in poultry. Sixteen Rosters and 80 Hen Ross 308 (46-week-age) with an average BW of 5.71 and 4.65, respectively, were randomly distributed into 4 treatment group (4 repeated cage for each treatment) and received experimental diets (at 0, 30, 40 and50 KGy levels) as a NRC requirements needs. At the end of study from each repeated cages 2 hens selected randomly and 5cc blood sample was taken using wing vain using disposable syringe. . Blood samples were centrifuged at 5000 rpm for 10 minute and plasma was separated and stored at -20 ºc until used. Plasma Total Protein (TP), Albumin (ALB), Glucose (Glu) and Uric Acid concentration were determined by calorimetric method. According to the results there were a significant differences in Total protein, Albumin and Glucose levels between treatment groups compare to control group (P=<0.05). Also, there was no significant difference in uric acid variables between experimental groups during the study (P=>0.05).


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