Variation of groundwater quality in the poultry farming using cluster and multivariate factor analysis: a case study from middle atlas area, Morocco

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Research Paper 01/11/2013
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Variation of groundwater quality in the poultry farming using cluster and multivariate factor analysis: a case study from middle atlas area, Morocco

Bengoumi Driss, El Moustaine Radouane, Chahlaoui Abdelkader
Int. J. Biosci.3( 11), 140-147, November 2013.
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The present study was carried out to assess the quality and the suitability of the wells waters used for drinking of poultry in Middle atlas area. The work was performed on 20 wells in June 2011 (rainy season) and February 2012 (dry season). Numerous monitoring data and water quality index obtained from 20 regional monitoring wells are simplified and classified by applying the multivariate statistical methods such as factor and cluster analysis to search for the interrelation between the water quality parameters, factors representing the characteristics as well as possible pollution sources of groundwater quality used as drinking water of poultry in Middle Atlas area, Morocco. Three principal factors were recognized in concerned area using principal component analysis (PCA) including salinization factor, mineralization factor and inorganic factor. All three factors can interpret 81.0% variances of the integrated groundwater characteristics. In addition three clusters were classified according to the similar and dissimilar characteristics of water quality of monitoring wells in the farming of poultry in Middle Atlas. The results showed that the groundwater quality in clusters G1 and G’1 is better as compared with the other clusters. Multivariate statistical methods provided by this study can not only reduce the harassment of the missing items of monitoring water quality, but also refer as a management alternative for groundwater resources.


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