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Volume 7, Number 4, October 2015 – IJAAR

Inheritance of stem rust (Puccinia graminis Pers. F. Sp. Tritici ericks and E. Hen) resistance in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Lines to TTKST race

Zennah Kosgey, James O. Owuoche, Michael A. Okiror, Peter N. Njau

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 1-13. (Full Text)

Comparative analysis of some biochemical responses of winter and spring wheat cultivars under low temperature

Ahmad Tahmasebi, Hassan Pakniyat

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 14-22. (Full Text)

Phenotypic variability and racial classification of landraces of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) collected in the Northwestern Benin

Antoine Abel Missihoun, Hubert Adoukonou-Sagbadja, Vincent Ezin, Paulin Sedah, Rollande Aladé Dagba, Corneille Ahanhanzo, Clément Agbangla

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 23-35. (Full Text)

The effect of liming on the acidity level of Dystric cambisol and the content of available forms of some microelements

Nebojsa Gudzic, Miroljub Aksic, Slavisa Gudzic, Jasmina Knezevic

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 36-43. (Full Text)

Effects of fertilization on the proximate composition of fresh and stored groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Evans A. Alenyorege, Felix K. Abagale, Albert Yawson, Nelson Opoku

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 44-51. (Full Text)

Evaluating the performance of improved sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam) advanced lines in KANO, SUDAN savanna of NIGERIA

S. U. Yahaya, A. M. Saad, S. G. Mohammed, S. O. Afuape

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 52-60. (Full Text)

The effect of nutritional supplement addition and use of casing overlay to substrate on yield of oyster mushroom (Pleurotusflorida)

Zahra Eslaminezhad, Javid Emaratpardaz, JaberPanahandeh

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 61-67. (Full Text)

Influence of foliar fertilizing on stomata parameters in maize leaf (Zea Mays L.)

Hristina Poposka, Silvana Manasievska Simikj, Marina Stojanova, Dusko Mukaetov

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 68-74. (Full Text)

Glyphosate resistance trait into soybean Cuban varieties: agronomical assessment of transgenic lines until F6 generation

Celia Delgado, Gil A. Enríquez, Rodobaldo Ortiz, Odett Céspedes, Natacha Soto, Yuniet Hernández, Merardo Pujol

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 75-85. (Full Text)

Correlation and path analysis for genetic divergence of morphological and fiber traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Shoaib Liaqat, Rana Imtiaz Ahmed, Muhammad Rafiq, Saghir Ahmad, Abdul Qayyum, Makiya Rafiq, Amna Bibi, Nadia Hussain

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 86-94. (Full Text)

Comparative potential on yield and its related characters in fine rice

O. Habiba, M.L. Kabir, M.K. Rabby, B.K. Biswas, M. Hasanuzzaman

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 95-102. (Full Text)

In vitro anthelmintic activity of Tunisian fabacae (Hedysarum coronarium L., ecotype Bikra 21) against Haemonchus contortus

A. Aissa, F. Manolaraki, H. Ben Salem, K. Kraiem, H. Hoste

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 103-110. (Full Text)

Evaluation of late maturing maize varieties for late season planting in a rainforest location of Nigeria

A. Oluwaranti, M.A.B. Fakorede, A. Menkir, A. Akinyooye, A.O. Bello

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 111-116. (Full Text)

Quality assessment of yard long bean (Vigna unguiculata) seeds through the controlled deterioration technique

Md. Johny Khan, TMT Iqbal, Mohammad Ahsanul Kabir, Noor Muhammad, Md. Rafiqul Islam

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 117-127. (Full Text)

Potential inoculant strains of Brazilianendophytic bacteria for maize (Zea mays L.) growth promotion

Vivian J. Szilagyi-Zecchin, Ana C. Klosowski, Angela C. Ikeda, Mariangela Hungria, Lygia V. Galli-Terasawa, Vanessa Kava-Cordeiro, Chirlei Glienke, Átila F. Mógor

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 128-134. (Full Text)

Morpho-physiological characterization of cultivated rice (Oryza spp.) during early vegetative growth under different soil water conditions

David Montcho, Koichi Futakuchi, Gustave Djedatin, Mamadou Fofana, Baboucarr Manneh, Clement Agbangla, Corneille Ahanhanzo

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 135-142. (Full Text)

Sexual maturity prediction based on hormonal profiles, testes and semen characteristics in male Coturnix quail (Garsault, 1764) in the Western Highlands of Cameroon

François Djitie Kouatcho, Augustave Kenfack, Ferdinand Ngoula, Alexis Teguia

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 143-154. (Full Text)

Developing rice restorer lines resistant to bacterial blight, blast and brown plant hopper by molecular pyramiding

Gandéka Mamadou, Yan Chengye, Ratemo B. Omboki, Wang Xiaojian, Xu Guo Xin, Mo Chong Hong, Tongmin Mou

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 155-165. (Full Text)

Effects of grafting on fruit’s quality in two tomato cultivars (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) grown in hot bed

Javid Emaratpardaz, Fahimeh Bagheri, Jaber Panahande, Zahra Eslaminezhad, Habib Davati-Kazemnia

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 7(4), 166-171. (Full Text)

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