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Research Paper 01/02/2020
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Muhammad Imran, Shahnai Basharat, Sidra Khalid, Maria Aslam, Fatima Syed, Shaista Jabeen, Hafsa Kamran, Muhammad Zia Shahid, Tabussam Tufail, Faiz-ul-Hassan Shah, Awais Raza
Int. J. Biosci.16( 2), 53-70, February 2020.
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Enormous amount of agro-wastes is producing annually during the processing of fruits and vegetables. These by-products are prominent and promising source of bioactive compounds which exhibits health endorsing perspectives such as prevention from cancer insurgence, diabetes preventive, and protection from cardiovascular complications, anti-aging, and prevention from oxidative stress due to their strong antioxidant potential. Among these agro-wastes,citrus peels are rich source of polyphenols as flavanones, flavones, flavonols and anthocyanins and have  health protective effect and act as a potential nutraceutical in the treatment of various non-communicable diseases. These bioactive moieties act as antioxidant thereby scavenging free radical activity and reducing oxidative stress which is cause of burden of diseases. Polyphenols has been used as prebiotic in mitigating gut microbiome and a solution for gastrointestinal disorders. Citrus polyphenols exert health promoting effect in regulating lipid metabolism and treating neurodegenerative diseases.


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