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Comparison of COVID-19 cases of Pakistan with different South Asian countries and how Pakistan is handling this pandemic

Research Paper | August 1, 2021

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Inam Ullah, Hina Aslam, Nadeem Ullah, Gauri Pande, Aatiqa Masoom, Junaid Ahmad, Israr Aziz, Mohammad Nasar, Ayesha khurshed, Muhammad Junaid Khan

Key Words:

Int. J. Micro. Myco.13( 2), 1-9, August 2021


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The aim of our study is mainly to describe the comparative cases of COVID-19 in different countries of South Asia and strategies of government of Pakistani to control this pandemic. This study is based on previous papers that are published, data available on social, print and electronic media, official website of Pakistan for corona outbreak and ministry of health regulations, website of WHO, CDC and NIH. Data from start of the pandemic till 7th October 2020 was taken. India have total of 6757131 cases with total death of 104591 patients and 5744693 recoveries. In Bangladesh the total reported cases are 371631 with total death of 5405 patients and 284833 patients recovered. Total cases of COVID-19 reported in Pakistan up till now are 316351 with total death of 6535 patients and 301288 patients recovered. In Nepal total cases, deaths and recoveries are 90814, 563 and 67542 respectively. In Maldives the total reported cases, deaths, recoveries are 10621, 34 and 9466 respectively. Total cases, deaths and recoveries in Sri Lanka are 4252, 13 and 3266 respectively. Amongst south Asian countries the lowest cases of COVID-19 were reported in Bhutan. Our study concluded that COVID-19 has affected all the south Asian countries. Pakistani government strategies to control this pandemic seems to be better as compared to other south Asian countries in spite of very bad economic situation as compared to other countries but it needs to be improved.


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Comparison of COVID-19 cases of Pakistan with different South Asian countries and how Pakistan is handling this pandemic

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