Considerable effect of sowing dates and cultivars on the nutritional and functional properties of Mung Bean (Vigna Radiata)

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Research Paper 01/02/2017
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Considerable effect of sowing dates and cultivars on the nutritional and functional properties of Mung Bean (Vigna Radiata)

Muhammad Umair Raza, Gulam Qadir, Zahid Mahmood, Tariq Rafique, Muhammad Asad, Muhammad Awais Tariq, Wajiha Anum
Int. J. Biosci.10( 2), 29-36, February 2017.
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Different sowing dates affect the growth and development of crop plants due to change in climatic conditions. The main objective of this study is to characterize mung bean cultivars for protein concentration and to determine high yielding mung bean genotypes with its ability of maximum protein synthesis under different sowing dates. A field experiment was conducted at the two locations in Pakistan one experimental area being the NARC (Islamabad) whereas the second experimental area was the Koont farm (Chakwal). The experiment was laid out in RCBD factorial design with three replications. Sowing dates on the main plot and cultivars on the sub plots, three sowing dates viz., 28 June, 8 July and 16 July and three cultivars viz. AZRI-06, NM-06 and NM-11 were used in the experiment. Late sowing in July was produced maximum yields (851.56 kg ha-1) and protein contents. AZRI-06 was produced maximum potential yield (911 kg ha-1) in the prevailing arid conditions of both locations. It appears to be well adapted to the agro-ecologiical conditions of both Islamabad and Chakwal. Moreover, the use of AZRI-06 is suggested in arid conditions where soils are loam and sandy loam with arid environmental conditions.


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