Development of tinupig enriched with cacao and its packaging

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Research Paper 19/04/2023
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Development of tinupig enriched with cacao and its packaging

CLB. John, GP. Leonida, S. Cherry, M. Manuelito
J. Bio. Env. Sci.22( 4), 118-124, April 2023.
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The study under the development of the packaging will determine the acceptability of the product to the market as well to the experimentation of adding cacao (Theobroma) to the Tinupig. Developing the packaging is the first step of the study where the researchers seek the advice of experts on how to make a presentable box that will represent Lasam’s best tinupig. Based on the study conducted by Ahmad & Billoo (2012), it is said that by making good packaging, it has a great influence on the consumer’s buying decision. The appearance of the product will decide whether the product will have more profit or not because it is a tool of self-promotion. The packaging has an important role in marketing. Tinupig plays a significant influence in encouraging or discouraging the purchase of other brands, particularly when the customer selects a similar type of product, because it is produced not only in Lasam but also in Pangasinan, Ilocos, and other regions of Luzon.


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