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Quality characteristics of biscuits made from sorghum and defatted Macrotermes subhyalinus

Research Paper | January 1, 2013

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Niaba Koffi P.V., Brou Kouakou, Gbassi K. Gildas, Amani Thierry, Kone N’golo, Gnakri Dago

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Int. J. Biosci.3( 1), 58-69, January 2013


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Deffated Macrotermes subhyalinus Flour (DMF) was mixed with sorghum flour for the manufacturing of biscuits. Varying amounts of DMF were added for a maximum content of 25 % (w/w). The code for the biscuit control was BS0 and the code for the biscuit enriched for example with 25 % of DMF was BS25. Physical characteristics and nutritional and sensory qualities of biscuits were determined. Biscuit protein levels increase with incorporation of DMF. Values increased from 09.64% (BS0) to 21.66% (BS25). The fat content down from 21.51% (BS0) to 19.03% (BS25). The rate of carbohydrate down from 60.02% (BS0) to 47.35% (BS25). The ash and cellulose contents increase respectively from 2.26% (BS0) to 3.54% (BS25) and 2.63% (BS0) to 4.44% (BS25). The pH of biscuits increase with the incorporation of DMF but the difference was not significant (p<0.05). As for the total acidity, it decreases in the various types of biscuits, but this decrease was not significant (p<0.05). Total sugar content, reducing sugar content, non-reducing sugar content and starch decrease with the increase of DMF. Protein density increases significantly with incorporation of DMF, whereas lipid density decreases. The mineral composition increases in the same direction as the DMF incorporation. The diameter of biscuits increases gradually when the DMF content increased (47.90 mm to 48.57 mm from BS0 to BS25). The thickness of biscuits decreases significantly from 3.41 mm (BS0) to 2.23 mm (BS25). Mass, volume and specific volume of biscuits vary slightly despite the incorporation of DMF. Sensory analyzes show that the biscuits are acceptable up to 25% of DMF incorporation.


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Quality characteristics of biscuits made from sorghum and defatted Macrotermes subhyalinus

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