Microbiological quality and shelf life of pasteurized, flavored carabao’s (Bubalus bubalus carabanensis) milk as influenced by food safety practices

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Research Paper 01/12/2018
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Microbiological quality and shelf life of pasteurized, flavored carabao’s (Bubalus bubalus carabanensis) milk as influenced by food safety practices

Bryan Rey R. Oliveros, James Arthur V. Robles, Maria Teresa M. Perez
J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 6), 66-73, December 2018.
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Microbiological contamination restricts the shelf life and degrades the quality of milk. Pasteurization usually kills contaminating microorganisms in milk but in the absence of appropriate food safety practices, its safety could be compromised. This study aims to evaluate the influence of food safety practices, aside from pasteurization, on the microbiological quality and shelf life of kitchen-pasteurized, flavored carabao’s milk. Careful observation of the pasteurization process and revision of the process flow diagram was made. Milk samples were tested for pathogenic microorganisms (E. coli and Salmonella sp.) and its the microbiological shelf life was assessed though monitoring of aerobic, coliform, and psychrotrophic plate counts. Results of this study showed that without any improvements on the food safety practices, pasteurized, flavored carabao’s milk could be contaminated with Enterobacter sp. and Bacillus sp., as identified through 16s rRNA gene amplification. Thus, pasteurized milk was unfit for consumption. On the other hand, the pasteurized, flavored carabao’s milk with improvements on the food safety practices came out negative for E. coli and its estimated shelf life was set to 8 days. No Salmonella spp. was detected in both batches. This study shows that not only pasteurization, but also proper food safety practices are important in order to produce safe milk.


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